It’s a stopped up kind of morning…

4:40 AM… And I have been awake since 3:30!! My sinuses are so stopped up right now and are completely hindering my ability to get in just a couple more hours of sleep before work. I don’t have any sinus medication right now, so I’m stuck doing the good old fashioned “let’s try to blow out all the crap from my nose.”

Yeah… That’s not working very well. The next thing to try is steam. I’m seriously considering just going on and crawling out of warm bed and get my day started. A nice long steamy shower and then a piping cup of hot tea should do the trick. Of course after all that, I have a mile and half walk in 35 degree weather, so I will have to make sure and bundle up warm today.

Yesterday was a typical Monday. I don’t understand some things at my job at all, but all I can really do at this point is just show up every day, do what they tell me to (even it changes 50 million times throughout the day) and be thankful that I have a job and a day shift again!

Last night, Amy rescued me from the place of employment when I got off at 8, and we went to vent our frustrations about our jobs over cheese dip and frozen margaritas at El Mezcal. It was a fun way to end a crappy start to the week.

Tonight is AIM night to chat with Matt and tomorrow night is date night! Now that crappy Monday is out of the way, my focus is to have a good rest of the week!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!